Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Stop - Is this reality?

Trans-X - Living On Video

This one is for you. This is a true story.

I was sat on a coach recently in Europe waiting for it to begin. I was tired and feeling the effects of four full days drinking red wine and eating lamb. Around me there were comfortable clothes fit for any junket, pastel shades, sensible heels, loose collars. It wasn't going to be a long journey but it'd be a long wait at the other end.

My suitcase was on my knee as it was too big to go overhead so my legs were a little numb. The coach started to slowly fill up. In my pocket were the wrong tickets which I didn't need to get stamped. The different coach companies acronyms were similar but not that similar, I was tired. I was hoping that the seat opposite from me would remain empty so I could stick my case on it. A long history of conforming to polite social convention stopped me from just throwing it on there straight away although I wanted to. A clean looking couple sat down opposite. He had a badge that was like a cross between a Swiss flag and a Christmas bauble on the side of his lapel. I thought 'maple leaf', must be from Canada. They started to kiss a bit so I looked away and yawned.

With a hiss the doors to the hold closed and the coach snored into life. It was a little bit late but it would make no difference as I was typically early. Right then I thought only the long bridge to cross and we're away. Easing out of the depot the coach turned into a side-street and then went back on itself. Something to do with one-way traffic I suppose. The driver turned on the stereo. *Dee-der-der-da-da-der* "Huh?!"

"Travelling in a light beam." What is this? I know this? *Dee-der-der-da-da-der* "Stop!" Bloody Hell. Where is my mind? No that's the other one. What is this? This is brilliant! I wasn't the only one that thought so. Coming from the very contented driver was a little whistle, a little light-fingered steering-wheel bongo and a click of the fingers at the mention of "Stop!"

The sun was out, the road was clear, the bridge was long, the music played. What a perfect end to a perfect holiday.

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