Friday, March 31, 2006

Ape Rules Fools Day!

'The Greatest Ape' is out now on SVC Records

Grinning Ape - Richmond Avenal
Grinning Ape - A.P.E.

The thwarted attempt by a lonely, bitter man to save the very music he loves by destroying it.

"What does not destroy me, makes me stronger." Nietzsche

Well we are very happy to say that 'The Greatest Ape' more than survived and SVC are extremely proud to release an electronic album recalling the glory days of B12, FUSE and Polygon Window. With gentle melody, languid waves of synthetic string and a tattered beat 'The Greatest Ape' shows clear signs of the Grinning Ape's abstracted talent. Essential.

Ten years ago I (the Grinning Ape) decided to produce the greatest album ever, an album so shocking that it would put an end to all other music the day it was released. Why? I don't know. Ten years of false starts, cheap synths, indie bands, never quite learning the bass guitar, 4-track ambience, one student film soundtrack comission and a whole slew of failures comes the album "The Greatest Ape". This isn't the greatest album ever made. But it's one step closer to that day when, once and for all, we can say "That's it, all over, thanks everyone, you can stop now." I feel this album (such as it is) represents a culmination of all my years battering away at the very fringes of the outer limts of the far flung reaches of underground, unloved music. For that reason I half recollect here my magical path through the World of Music that has led me to this giddy height.

Grinning Ape - 'The Greatest Ape'
01. A.P.E.
02. The Greatest Ape
03. The William IV (Ape Chew 1)
04. Sea World
05. Peach Shampoo
06. Richmond Avenal
07. The Royal Bell (Ape Chew 2)
08. Indie Night at Langtrys
09. Mr Pickles
10. The George (Ape Chew 3)
11. Camber Unwell
12. Selected Ambient Really Does Work


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