Thursday, February 09, 2006

We Got To Ray Just To Make It Today

Ray - Mountain Song

Ahhh there's nothing like a spot of nepotism between friends eh... Would you have it any other way?

So then to Ray; Ray are brothers Mark and Nev, lest we forget Chris and Ed, who make music according to The Guardian that is 'sublimely melodic'. Whatever that really means? They've been around the block a bit releasing their first LP 'First Light' on Rough Trade in 2001 and for me they are at a stage where they seem most happy in their skins. Playing live this is certainly true as can be attested by the hordes of Austrians who recently came out en-masse in temperatures very close to -12 just to be close to the brothers Bradford.

The new album 'Deep Blue Happy' very nearly didn't make it as some wag waylaid the master CD in bar in Berlin and a phlegmatic record company loitered without intent for bloody ages. But all's well that ends well and finally the record has got to see the 'light' of day. A glint, a sparkle, a chink, a shaft, a Ray.

Produced by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studios over the long hot summer of 2003 'Deep Blue Happy' certainly is a captivating listen. It has just enough melancholy, offset with a smack of barbarism yet all the while is painted with such accessible pop colours. Bearded folk will probably appreciate the occasional whiff of The Pink Floyd thrown in for good measure but as a comparison we're talking more John Martyn and Nick Drake.

Anyway enough waffle... download the song and if you live in the London area go to the forthcoming gigs. It's as easy as that. Oh yeah some links below to buy the LP, the official site and the now obligatory MySpace phenomena.

Thurs 16th Feb, 9pm - £6
Clockwork, 96 Pentonville Road, London

Weds 22nd March 2006, 8pm - £6
The Purple Turtle, 61 Crowndale Road, Camden

Buy - Deep Blue Happy Amazon
Visit - Ray Official site
(Download full track 'Blood & Gold')
Visit - Ray at MySpace
(Download full track 'Wherever You Go')

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