Thursday, February 02, 2006

Energy Czar

Hunting Lodge - Silver Prince

Hunting Lodge provide the perfect soundtrack to an evening spent dismembering a horse in a glue factory. Melody doesn’t really factor in Hunting Lodge’s sonic manifesto, it’s all about a pummeling bass that rumbles like a world-war II bomber, the freeform guitar lines of a crack-addled Robert Fripp dragged mercilessly through a wasp farm and a vocalist whose squawks and screeches smack of the sugar-fix tantrums of a retarded 6-year old.

Hunting Lodge’s lyrics are, for the most part unintelligible. Those that can be deciphered offer tales of a world hovering somewhere between the banal and the depraved, bringing to mind Hubert Selby Jnr’s Last Exit to Brooklyn or the rituals and deceptions of Jean Genet’s Thief’s Journal. ‘Found’ lyrics and sounds play a part in Hunting Lodge’s attack on songwriting; ‘Fault Finding’ from the current EP (Scott Joplin’s Piano Rag’s) for example features dithyrambic ranting of the recommendations from an orthopedic bed care-manual, and what began as the irritating chance malfunction of a CD transfer exacerbated far beyond what passes for the tasteful use of glitch.

Taking cues from other artists such as Arab on Radar, the Pop Group, the Birthday Party, Jesus Lizard, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, they have deconstructed the traditional notion of ‘the song’ reassembling it as a giant killer robot that’s going to crush your puny human head in its rusty metal claws. OUCH!

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Forthcoming Hunting Lodge live dates
SUN 12th FEB - The Louisiana, Brisstol w/ An Albatross and Fuck Buttons.
FRI 24th FEB - The Wheatsheaf, Oxford. w/ Almandino Quite Deluxe.
SAT 25th FEB - All-dayer The Junction, Bristol. w/ AIDS WOLF & more.
THU 16th Mar - The Croft, Bristol. w/ Sodding Wolf's Head.
SUN 26th MAR - The Manhatten Bar, Bristol. w/ BLACK DICE.
SAT 31st MAR - The Macbeth, Old Street, London. w/ Collapse & Pink Riot.

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