Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another Hero Gone...

David Sylvian - The Good Son

Just heard the very sad news that Derek Bailey passed away on Christmas Day. He abandoned a career as a session player to pioneer a whole new approach to the guitar, and in doing so developed a totally individual voice. This is one definition of true virtuosity: to learn how to play your language, no one else's.

So: thank you for the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, for the Music Improvisation Company, for working with Ruins, for this collaboration with David Sylvian, for your fantastic contribution to all those FMP carve ups, for Incus, Company Week, for the endlessly entertaining "Improvisation: Its Nature and Practice in Music", a book that should be in every school library, but most of all for being a cussed, constant, brilliant figure who made you realise that success isn't what the majority thinks it is.

Derek Bailey, improvising guitarist, born January 29 1930, died December 25 2005.

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