Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dan Vs Dan...

Dan Sartain - Walk Among The Cobras, Pt. 1

I just found out about this guy Dan Sartain and he's pretty great.
For one thing he looks like an extra from The Outsiders or The Wild One, and not in a lame way.... you just know he grew up around this rockabilly, southern stuff that informs his look and his music.
He's 24 and hails from Birmingham, Alabama in the real south, not like Texas which is like the midwest, according to him.
He's been playing since he was about 13 so by now he's got the sound down and lotsa guitar playing talent.
So yeah, this is like the cool guy at the 1950's school dance playing the greaser music that makes the teachers mad but that the kids like way more than "Blue Moon" or whatever.
He's on the guy from Rocket From the Crypt's label which sounds about right and if you can catch him live, you really should cause he's better live than I can explain so just trust me.

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Visit - Dan Sartain @ Swami Records
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