Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Apollo C.Vermouth Production...

Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington - Ram On

Percy "Thrills" Thrillington was born in Coventry Cathedral in 1939. As a young man his travels took him to Baton Rouge U.S.A. where he studied music for five years on the trot. Moving later to Los Angeles he gained expertise in the marketing, conducting and arranging fields. Eventually the path led to London where his long ambition to form his own orchestra was realized.

On his record 'Thrillington' recorded in 1977, Percy takes the themes from Paul McCartney's "Ram" and with the help of some of London's best musicians (Richard Hewson, Swingle Sisters, Herbie Flowers, Rick Wakeman) forges them into orchestral versions that bear the unmistakable imprint... the mark of... Thrillington.

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