Tuesday, November 22, 2005

POP Music.

Beige Mainframe by Grinning Ape
Sex Pal by Grinning Ape
Judith Chalmers by Grinning Ape


Hello Soothsayer, what do you know?

So what do you know?
Grinning what?

Grinning Ape!


Here's what they are all talking about...

"vidid imagery of slow motion jesters on acid.
If only it were ten times longer. Please make it longer, pa! Oh please make it longer!"

"that drum solo was a bit gratuatous."

"I found these...interesting. But not particuarly pleasant."

"I hate Grinning Ape."


"[this is good]"

"my gran sitting on the bog >"

Grinning Ape: Bringing people together


What do you think?

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