Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Six O'Clock News

There's a footballer called Kiki Musampa who plays for Manchester City who has the nickname 'Chris'. This makes me laugh an awful lot.

Just got back off of me holidays and Spoilt Victorian Dad has fled the nest and it's eerily quiet round here what? *sniff* I was in Pisa for a day and there is an ace record shop right on the river, tiny place, loads of records all in good nicker, lots of old garage stuff (think Sonics not Craig Davidson). I bought 'Giant Steps' on double LP for 7 Euros. Can't say fairer than that now can you. Also got the 7 of 'You Don't Know What It's Like To Love Somebody' by Manx Boys done good 'The Bee Gees'. 'Twas when the Gees were 5ive and had John McVie on bass and Mick Fleetwood on drums or something. They were based in Australia then. Where are the 'Other Two' now? Good question...

Anyway Dirk Dresselhaus is Schneider TM who is now also Dr.Drek. He's only gone and made a track called 'More Time' which has wave after wave of reverbed drone after reverbed drone. Right up 20JFG's street i'm sure. Kraut Rock Rules OK! Released on Earsugar, checkout their website, very pleasant on the eye and ear and lists all of their releases so far. Too good. It took ages to get it up here and i'm breaking the law. Go to London, visit Rough Trade, buy records. (So far so good). Go home, play 7", record it onto mini-disc, then play it into into crappy laptop (with audio connection) hit record, save it, trim crackly bits, then copy it over to another computer where I mp3 it and then upload it. How's about that then. I think there's jumps in it aswell so I wouldn't bother downloading it if I were you just go out and buy the record.

Balls, there are glitches, going to have to record it again. Maybe I should just download songs off iTunes and then Audio Hijack them. Does anyone fancy a bit of Lee Ryan. Robbie's new single is good though isn't it. Sod it, no Dr. Drek today, haven't got the time to re-do it so if you want something good to listen to go to Rephlex and download the remix of Box Energy called 'BOXENERGY4REMIX1.mp3'.

Cat's just come in, picked her up and she licked my eye. That hurt.

Visit - Schneider TM
Visit - Earsugar

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