Thursday, October 20, 2005

Seriously Green

The Essex Green - Playground

The Essex Green – Mrs. Bean

These Brooklyn kids don't mess around with their trees and rolling hills vibe. The name and the album covers certainly conjur some sort of dreamy 60's psychadelia that doesn't feel lame or contrived, in short: the sound references old sounds but it's a very today band. Ok as usual, i can't really describe music but I do what I can (well maybe I could do more but I just wanna get you to the songs). Like Olivia Tremor Control and Apples in Stereo, the 60's pop thing made them a totally suitable band for the Elephant Six label/collective. The main singer for Essex Green, Sasha Bell, also sings sometimes for Ladybug Transistor. She's probably the only singer that can almost sound like she's singing in the musical, Annie, and have it totally work and sound cool. Essex Green is really poppy and cute and sometimes ventures into trippy alt-country territory. I just read they will be having a new album out early next year and I can't wait. Its been ages since they put anything out.

Buy - The Essex Green – Everything Is Green

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