Thursday, October 06, 2005

Release The Bats...

The Birthday Party - Release The Bats (Peel Session 28.04.81)

Picture the scene...
A very young Spoilt Victorian Child lying on his bed listening to the John Peel radio show in 1981, on a tinny little radio with the obligatory pen and paper to write down all the great music I have to save up my pocket money and go hunting for (of which there was always a shedload)...
John tells me he has a session tonight from The Birthday Party...
Mmmm, not a very good name I'd always thought, but I'd seen pictures of them in Sounds and the like, and they looked pretty bloody smart, but I'd never heard them.
The first couple of tracks from the session were good, totally different from anything I'd heard before, but it was their third track 'Release The Bats' that just blew me away (and still does to this day), the gutteral growls, that amazing bass, twisted guitars and rhythmic pounding drums... wow!
This was the track that set me off on a 20 ODD years dalliance with a certain Mr.Nick Cave, and about a decades worth of backcombing and hairspray... (oh dear!)

Thank you Mr.John Peel
Thank you Mr.Nick Cave
Thank you Insette....!

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