Monday, September 19, 2005

The Wild Farewell...

The Harvey Girls - Practicing

How excited am I about this release?

This is a track taken from the brand spanking new album 'The Wild Farewell' from The Harvey Girls released today on SVC Records.
I might be just a little biased, but this album is an absolute corker, chocka full of great songs that brilliantly document Melissa's move from New York to rural Kansas.

There are a couple more tracks from the album to download on the SVC Records site for free, so might I suggest you get yourself over there and get clicking...
Then you can buy the album as a two part download, or if you fancy a great looking CD then you can get one direct from The Harvey Girls... (for release next Tuesday, 27th September).

Buy - The Harvey Girls - The Wild Farewell from SVC Records
Buy - The Harvey Girls - The Wild Farewell direct from band
Visit - The Harvey Girls
Visit - SVC Records


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