Friday, September 09, 2005

SVC Records News...

Join SVC Records Mailing List And Keep Up To Date (and get more free stuff)
We now have a mailing list for those of you who want to be informed of upcoming releases and such goings on at SVC Records via the wonder of a newsletter.
The newsletter will consist of information about upcoming releases and artists that have been added to the rosta, along with special preview tracks and any other promo items I can send by email...
Just like this great mix which can be downloaded via the current newsletter....

(Click For The Bigger Picture)

This fantastic downloadable goodie was brought to you courtesy of The Palace Lido, and it conveniently fits onto one side of a D-90 cassette, what you put on the other side is entirely up to you.
So all you have to do to get this and other occasional demos and pre-release tracks is click the mailing link below...
And rest assured your email address is safe, I will not be passing it on to anyone, you have my word.

To subscribe to the newsletter just click and send :

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