Thursday, August 11, 2005

Glasgow, City Of Culture 1990....?

Stretchheads - Housewife Up Yer Fuckin' Arse Music (Disco Mix)

This aint Disco...
This is the sound of Glasgow in the late 80's and early 90's, well as far as i'm concerned anyway.
Stretchheads were a strange bunch, often lumped in with Silverfish and the like, but the truth is they were a lot weirder than anyone they were compared to.
They started their career with their LP "Five Fingers Four Thingers A Thumb And A New Identity" released on Moksha Moksha in 1988, and it starts with the following track and just never let's up... It's relentless in it's mission to give you the biggest headache ever...

Stretchheads - Fans

And succeeds.

You've probably guessed by now that for the duration of the 80's and early 90's my neighbours hated me... and quite right too, anti-social noisy little bugger that I was.

For their follow up album in 1991 they had been picked up by the excellent Blast First and released "Pish In Your Sleazebag" which the track Housewife is taken from...
The record seems to be a bit of a concept album with lines and riffs turning up in several songs, well It's either a concept album, or they were really lazy.
The thing is though that it's put together really well with all sorts of musical interludes including a looped version of the Rhoda theme tune.

As far as I know Pish was their last release, the trail doesn't quite go cold though as Richie ended up playing in a band called The Yummy Fur which any Franz Ferdinand fan should have heard of as Paul and Alex of the aforementioned Franzie's used to play in them, although not at the same time as Richie.
And seeing as how Stretchheads and Dandelion Adventure (see previous post) used to do a lot of touring together it seems as no surprise to find out that Dandelion Adventure's Ajay and Stretchheads Stevie ended up working together.... For the mighty Sebadoh, Ajay as their European tour manager and sound engineer and Stevie as their driver and merch guy.
But apart from that I have no idea what any of them have been up to, any info would be greatly recieved.

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