Monday, July 18, 2005

What You Sold Me....

If you like you're music of the strange glitchy twitcy electronic type then you should head over to The Pipe right now, where yer man Budgie has posted a corking EP by Jimmy The Flid who got some of his chums to remix and mess about with his own twisted creations....
The result is the "What You Sold Me" EP, featuring two JTF originals and three remixes, one each by Mothboy, Solipsism and me.

Jimmy's a bit of a strange'un, from what I can gather he wanders round Glasgow with a tape recorder then chops up all the found noises into what can only be described as scary slabs of sound, then he messes with it even more....
Go listen for yourself anyway.

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Visit - Mothboy and Mothboy @
Visit - Solipsism
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Visit - Empire State Human / The Phantom Carriage


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