Thursday, July 14, 2005

Music To Stay Awake To Make Music To

Thee More Shallows - 2am

Here's yet another SF band I'm championing these days. I recently got back into Thee More Shallows after a friend mentioned them to me like 6 months ago. This song 2am has an urgency and it quietly builds and builds through repetition. There's some eerie feedback and xylophones and it all kinda swirls around you.
They are compared to a darker Grandaddy, Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse. I'm really only into Elliott Smith of these 3 so I can see those qualities in this group that makes me appreciate them.
Maybe listen to this before sleeping or something.

Thee More Shallows start their UK tour tomorrow (15th July)...
Go see them.

Buy - Thee More Shallows - More Deep Cuts
Visit - Thee More Shallows

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