Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I just got bummed in ASDA

Happy Mondays - Do It Better

I couldn't believe it?!?! I just popped into ASDA to get me shoppin' and I got bummed in the bargain bin. For just four pounds aswell.

Suppose you've all heard new Gorillaz song DARE with Shaun doing his very best lysergic loose limbed gargle over the top of a pretty snappy little bit of pop. The video is excellent with Ryder literally just a disembodied head in Noodle's cupboard kept alive through a series of tubes.

Anyway the best Happy Monday LP by miles is Bummed (although last month I said it was 'Squirrel & G-Man'), and at the moment you may well be able to pick up a copy for only £4 in your local ASDA. It was produced by scary, hairy, lairy Martin Hannett (Joy Division) and as a whole the songs drunkenly fall and clatter with wild abandon. What makes it really special though is Ryder's incoherent blather of surreal imagery and verbal menace and this track 'Do It Better' is a prime example with doubledoublegood blabbering.

Proper tog.

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Jim-bob said...

My mate and I got bummed for £3 in FOPP.