Thursday, June 23, 2005


Sugarcubes - Birthday (Jim & William Reid Christmas Eve Mix)

SVC is one year old today...
It's been a lot of fun, we've posted a hell of a lot of tracks, and hope you've enjoyed at least some of them as much as we have.
Special thanks to everyone who has ever commented on these pages, we really appreciate it.
And it was Monika's birthday yesterday too, go say hi from me.


Oh yeah, the track....
This was always my favourite interpretation of Birthday, second only to the original which can be found on The Sugarcubes fantastic debut album "Life's Too Good".
This version though was first released on the limited edition of the Birthday 7", which had a dual groove thing, you never new which version you were getting when you put the needle down, great for DJ's...
It was also released on the limited edition double disc of It's-It, their best of re-mixes compilation....
Both these have been well out of print for many years though.

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