Thursday, June 30, 2005

Are You Sure You Followed The Instructions?

Safetyword - Foreskin Of The Heart

There are risks involved in talking about music made by friends. Who cares. The stuff is out there and I can yak about it if I want to. And I do. So I will.

What I've always found to be wonderful about this lot is their approach to song structure. The same was true of their predecessors, the gregs. Ask Si about them.

If you like - or want- a song to follow the classic verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus routine, you may have trouble with this outfit: to be honest, I know quite a few people who have, and I'm damn sure it's to do with the misguided notion that a song that doesn't follow the above is in some way a contrivance. Either that or they're just plain jealous.

It's all so well put together, you see. But odd. Just like Flann O'Brien's novels.

It's like being 8 years old and looking at an Airfix model of a Spitfire... then you get up close, and you notice something's a little... out... of... place... isn't that a bird skull in the pilot seat? And are those decals made out of fog? Hang on... this isn't the same as the illustration on the box lid...

This is droll, unsettling stuff, but it doesn't have to use excessive volume or atonality to achieve it's ends. In fact it doesn't even use much in the way of production or effects. I think that's what really unnerves me. They seem very calm.

And outside time, too: this could be from anywhere in the last twenty five years, but it sounds nothing like one of those newer wave of new new wave bands that are springing up everywhere, sound clips ready to stick on a deodorant ad.

I'm just glad people with guitars can still surprise me, and I don't mean Eddie Van Halen leaping out of a hedge and clocking me one. Anyway, he won't do that again. I decked him with my dulcimer - 90 strings, right in the chopper. Goodnight Eddie. Let's see you go ahead and jump now.

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