Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Rock Is Dead... Long Live Paper!

Billy Harvey - Stupid Daniel
Billy Harvey - Dope Wings

Billy Harvey hails from Austin, Texas, bastion of freaks and weirdo's over the last few decades (musically speaking of course!).
Does Billy fit into this category?
He's only been an adopted Texan for 9 years or so now so I don't think so, but some of that wonderful laid back Texan attitude and laconic humour has surely rubbed off on him, and if you don't believe me, check out his website....
Without a doubt it's the best website I've ever seen (props to Pilgrim's Progress for bringing it to my attention the other week).

These two tracks are from the album pie that was released in January, and if you want to see him on the road (and from all accounts it's well worth catching him live) then he's just embarking on a US tour as I write, taking in Kansas and a dozen other states before ending naturally enough with a tour of Texas.

*Its Competition Time Folks*

We have a few $25 gift vouchers to give away.(U.S. only I'm afraid, U.K. @ a later date).
Rather than squandering them on ABBA CD's (that we already own anyway!) we thought we'd pass them on, seeing as it's money we got from all you lovely people buying stuff from the links we provide in the first place.

Anyway, all you have to do is visit the frankly, utterly fantastic Billy Harvey site and somewhere on there you will see ZZ Top, just e-mail me here and the first people to correctly tell me where they saw them win a $25 voucher.
(It's more of a code than an voucher, but you get what I mean).

I'll post the winners list in the comments, and if you don't win, sorry if I don't reply to your email.

Buy - CD's and some great T-Shirts from Billy
Visit - Billy Harvey's amazing website
Visit - Billy Harvey @ My Space, for tour dates and more info.


Mr.Woodshed is doing a sterling job over at We Love 1997, where he's half way through OK Computer Week...
Where, you guessed it, he's posting all things related to Radiohead's OK Computer, including some great covers and a load of links to gigs and the like.


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