Saturday, April 16, 2005

If I Were A Fancy Person Who Made Great Music All The Time...

Andrew Bird - Measuring Cups

I'm putting these guys together in a post cuz I just discovered Andrew Bird and apparently he used to open for Magnetic Fields who I've seen many times. It's unfortunate but I probably missed Andrew Bird due to thinking opening bands are annoying to sit through. I should know that with a band like MF, the opening band is gonna be great, Once Daniel Handler (plays accordion for MF and wrote the Lemony Snicket books) did a reading as the opening act.
Anyway, Andrew Bird is just a little impressive, he plays the violin, glockenspiel and guitar live, while on records he plays nearly all the instruments.
He's also an expert whistler but that's probably my least favorite aspect of his music, tho it's pretty impressive.
A lot of times his lyrics remind me of being a little kid and I really like the sadness and melancholy these songs evoke of that time.

Magnetic Fields – If I Were A Rich Man

And what else can I say here? Magnetic Fields doing this Fiddler on The Roof staple for a Knitting Factory tribute, totally rules and makes Gwen Stefani's recent stab at this seem even lamer (though ok, I just saw the video for her pirate song and it's pretty cool but wtf? isn't she what one would consider "a rich girl?" I just don't get it...).

Download the Magnetic Fields Track for free from Amazon here.

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