Sunday, April 10, 2005

Eat Them Up, Yum!.

For Mr.D

Barnes And Barnes - Fish Heads

If you were like me in the early eighties and living in the UK, then sunday nights consisted of listening to the top 40 on Radio 1, then running a bath while waiting for the Annie Nightingale show to start.... then more likely than not, singing along to this track while wallowing in the strangely murky water that stems from a whole day mucking about in mud and stuff that boys tend to do on non-school days....

This first featured on Barnes and Barnes' debut 1980 long player Voobaha, although it has appeared on a few compilations since.
B & B consisted of Rob Haimer, who I don't know too much about and Bill Mumy, who I don't know too much about either, apart from he was a child actor since the age of 5 and has also recorded what seems to be a kajillion records...
But he is most famous for playing Will Robinson in the classic Lost In Space.

Since the debut album B & B have recorded either 8 or 9 albums depending on which web site you read...
Although I've never heard any of them apart from Voobaha, which is ok, a bit like a more twisted Weird Al Yankovic (who incidentaly played on a track for the aforementioned album), with songs about vomiting, girls in cemetaries, amputee's and voyeurism.

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