Sunday, March 13, 2005

Has Quartz Implant Enabling Him To Lock Onto Tight Frequencies...

Dillinja - Acid Trak

Alien reconaissance mission over the Capital, scanning, scanning...a fragment of information bled through a ghetto blaster on a Camden Market stall just as I passed by.

"Sorry, who is this?"
Artist, DJ, Collective, Planet, I didn't have a clue.
"How much?"

Hysterical drums, MCs stuck in the closing furlong of the Grand National, bass so deep it was folding in on itself like a black hole. This was a challenge to gravity. You think you're heavy, do you? Uh.

And I still couldn't tell who did what or in fact what any of it was called. There was, like, no track listing.

More confusion. Where does the original track end and the mix begin? And what if someone just takes it and throws more stuff over the top, voices, evil frequencies, spirit echoes?

I demand to know who is responsible for this madness!!


Now it doesn't much matter if it's Folk, Drum & Bass, Jazz or carving gargoyles for the front of a Cathedral. You've got your rules and your tools. You start with the guitar, drum machine, whatever, figure out the parameters, establish what you are within them, test them, kick them, revel in the subtleties of variation between your work and others in the same area. Comparing the way Roni Size and Dillinja roll out beats is no different from comparing how June Tabor and Shirley Collins sing The Bonny Boy.

Hell, that's enough spiel. Here's a goody that reappeared on Randall's Drum & Bass Arena 3 cd set last year. Buy it. The three discs give you plenty of chance to hear variations on the phuture theme and to wonder what's next. Hopefully something with a little less bling and a lot more sci-fi.

For this one I propose to jump up and down on one leg while turning around, possibly flailing my arms about a bit.
See you in Casualty.

Buy - Dj Randall's Drum 'n' Bass Arena
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