Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Amon Duul II - Eye Shaking King

Madness descends with the shwish shwish shwish of Shrat's scythe! Old Europe, don't you just love it. The Grim Reaper is only a Cathedral away and here he turns up all boggle eyed and smashed on acid.

I love "Yeti", and I love Julian Cope for bringing it to my attention thanks to his excellent "Krautrocksampler", currently reaching stupid prices on ebay and possibly up for a Penguin Classic re-release in about twenty years time.

This track is where the whole thing reaches some kind of totally profound dementia, history burnt up in a 70's German squat and re-imagined in colours, not time.

Here is the grandaddy of The Butthole Surfers, the stars burning out, the moon reciting poetry and falling over, laughing and dying.

Yes, I am drunk.

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