Tuesday, February 08, 2005

It's So-Much-Fun Music.

The Minders - Right As Rain
The Minders - Big Machine

Awww…The Minders , I feel like not enough people know them and it’s my duty to rectify the situation. You know when you go see a band and you can’t wait for crappy opening bands to be over but sometimes, SOMETIMES, the crappy opening band is a totally rad band that captures your attention and heart right away and you wanna make everyone shutup and stop ordering beer and just LISTEN to the new rad band…well that happened when I saw The Minders open for Apples in Stereo in 1998-ish.

The Minders formed after Portland-based British guy Martyn Leaper met Robert Schneirder from Apples in Stereo after an Apples show and found they had a lot of music tastes in common. They worked on the first Minders EP together and 2 years later Leaper formed the first lineup of the band. Over the next few years they would find their sound (a poppy, organ-y, 60’s sound) and solidify their lineup. Bassist Joanna Bolme (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks) often rounds out their touring lineup and played on their 2001 release, Golden Street. The Minders toured with Elliott Smith (ex-Portlander) in 2000 and Smith’s affection for the band can be heard in his cover of The Minders “Hooray For Tuesday”.
Enjoy the fun stuff!

Elliott Smith - Hooray For Tuesday (Live, Brooklyn, June 6th 2003)

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