Thursday, January 06, 2005

Men 1

DJ Pierre - Box Energy (remixed by AFX) 33rpm

Here is an excellent, percussive/melodic recording by AFX in the style of AFX. It is a remix of DJ Pierre's Box Energy fed to the AFX lion and spat out midway after a dirty protest. Includes cockney raver's voice halfway through track recounting his experiences of "E". Other side was a version of 808 State's Flow Coma and the 12" comes with an extra track of bonus high frequency sounds. Came out on vinyl format as a white label 12" in a standard paper innersleeve. There is a sticker on one label and also in the centre/top of the sleeve. Very nice.

My copy of Analord 10 is apparently in the post and I can't wait...

DJ Pierre - Box Energy (remixed by AFX) 45rpm

For all those who like to hear songs as they were intended and not at the wrong speed, here's the AFX track at 45rpm.

Visit - Rephlex
Visit - Italian Chairs with excellent names...

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