Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Big Boss Man

Elvis - Clean Up Your Own Backyard

Last week would have seen Elvis reaching his 70th birthday, so many happy returns to him if he's still out there somewhere as some daft people seem to believe....
There's not really any sitting on the fence with Elvis, you either love him or hate him, and I happen to love him, and make no apologies for it.
All phases of his career are wonderful to me, from the early rock and roll right up to the early to mid seventies... possibly not including too much after about '73 though... got a bit stodgy, music and girth wise.
But I think if I was pushed I'd have to say my favourite Elvis period was from '68 to '72.... from the NBC Comeback Special to That's The Way It Is, all those lush productions and arrangements coupled with Elvis' delivery and performance... class stuff indeed.
This track is taken from the soundtrack to Elvis' 30th film "The Trouble With Girls" which was filmed towards the end of '68 and opened in early '69 and co-stars bizarrely enough John Carradine and Vincent Price....
The recording sessions also featured a certain cohort of Phil Spector's... "Darlene Love" on backing vocals who you can hear on this slow groover of a song.(She also appeared in The '68 Comeback Special)
This track was recorded the same year as "A Little Less Conversation"(remixed by Junkie XL a couple of years back) that featured in the film "Live A Little, Love A Little".... There's some real gems hidden away on the soundtracks to his films from this period if you dig around a bit.

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Just a quick heads up to the return of The Cap'n at A New Career In A New Town, great start with a German version of Bowie's Heroes and a Neu! track.
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