Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Saint

St. Etienne - My Christmas Prayer
Only the other day, me and a good friend were stroking our chins and proclaiming the genius of St.Etienne. They wrote some grrreat songs! We listened to some of 'Tiger Bay' which had passed me by at the time as I thought it wasn't as good as their first two, Foxbase Alpha and So Tough. It's just possible I was wrong! Wow! its a real boom boomer.
Alas, I knew little of this song which is from the B-Side of their famous christmas song, 'I was Born On Christmas Day' (Which featured the usually unwelcome efforts of Tim 'Charlatan' Burgess). Its an icy version of a Billy Fury song and if a song must be taken out of the soil, it's in good hands with Wiggs, Stanley and Cracknell.
I bet they are nice people too, know their onions for sure.

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Bill S. said...

Thanks so much! I will love to have both St. Etienne songs playing on Christmas day! Happy holidays!