Monday, November 22, 2004

Winter Sings His Song

Sub Title:- Million Seller That Might Have Passed You By...

ABBA - Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
This song is a counterweight to "My Love, My Life", where genius ran amok and almost blotted out the merely human.
I think it was Benny who said that "Like an Angel" threatened to be another huge, beautiful manouevre, but this time they pruned it back, being ruthless with the rose to keep it healthy.
What's left is a voice, a few keyboards and a metronome.
For Abba, this was nothing.

You can't help but compare the results to Nico's work.
It could almost have come from "Desertshore".
One is inside the coffee shop, looking out at the rain, the other walking by without a coat, their fortunes different, their souls the same.

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