Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Happy Flowers - Leave Me Alone
Step forward a few years and Happy Flowers had put a band together and nearly learnt to play their instruments... Nearly.
I can only think of a couple of bands that sounded this dumb, early "Lee Harvey Oswald Band" and more recently "Ten Benson"...
Dumb Rock Rocks...
This lovely song was featured on 1990's "Lasterday I Was Been Bad" released on the always great Homestead Records.
This was their final offering as they all went their separate ways until a mini 10th anniversary of breaking up tour in 2000.

Happy Flowers always had a snappy line in song titles...
"Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid".
"Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me".
"I Wet The Bed Again".
"I Want My Teeth Back".
"Just Wait Till I'm Bigger Than You".
"I Wish I Was Adopted".
"I Ate Something Out Of The Medicine Cabinet".
"There's A Soft Spot On The Baby's Head".
"I Said I Wanna Watch Cartoons".
"Lets Eat The Baby (Like My Gerbils Did)".
"If This Gun Were Real (I Could Shoot You And Sleep In The Bed With Mommy)".
And my personal favourite "Simon".
Petulance indeed.

So what are they all up to now I hear you shout???
Well Mr Horribly Charred Infant now lives happily with Mr Horribly Charred Boyfriend and their dog Dagmar and is a computer programmer... (Mr HCI, not Dagmar).
Mr Anus got a doctorate in economics so should now be referred to as Dr Anus, and lives happily with the new improved Mrs Anus.
Mr Surrogate Roadie (and drummer) now calls himself James McNew and has been playing bass in some little beat combo called Yo La Tengo for the last dozen years.

On a side note (kind of!) Mr Horribly Charred Infant has put together possibly one of the greatest websites I've ever seen....
Go read his other duo's page... Classic.

You Really Have To Visit - Happy Flowers
Buy - Lasterday I Was Been Bad


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