Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sheffield Sex City

Nancy Sinatra - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
I bought Nancy's new album yesterday, i'ts called Nancy Sinatra...
and bloody hell it's good...
One of the highlights (and there are many) for me is this track which is written by the one and only Jarvis Cocker... who also plays the guitar on it along with fellow Pulper and one time Longpig Richard Hawley.
The album is a wonderful collection of collaborations with the likes of Morrisey, Jon Spencer, Calexico and Sonic Youth amongst others...
Some line-up that eh?
This is one of my albums of the year, and to be honest this song I can see me never ever tiring of, it really is just stunning.
lyrically brilliant.
Vocally brilliant.
Arrangement wise brilliant.
Have I managed to get it across how much I love this song???
I hope so.

Nancy with some waiters on the Jonathan Ross show, where she also performed this song with JC.

Buy - Nancy Sinatra (you know it makes sense)
Visit - Nancy Sinatra

Relaxed Muscle - This Is As Good As It Gets
Another prime slice of the prolific JC...
This time he joins in with electronic types Relaxed Muscle on a tune co-written with Jason Buckle.
This song is featured on the great album the Electronic Bible which was compiled by Ann Shenton (Add N to (X), Large Number) and Andy Fraser (Some Friendly) and released on White Label Music last month.
The albums well worth buying, highlights for me include...
Well... All of it.
It also features members of (in various guises) Cabaret Voltaire, Fat Truckers, Add N To (X), All Seeing I, Ladytron, High Llamas and a short track from the late great Delia Derbyshire remixed by Peter Kember (aka Sonic Boom & EAR, ex Spacemen 3).
Quality ingredients I think you'll agree.
Oh, and it's also dedicated to Delia, Electronic Musician and member of the groundbreaking Radiophonic Workshop in the sixties.

Buy - The Electronic Bible
Visit - Relaxed Muscle
Visit - The Electronic Bible
Visit - Pulp
Visit - Standing Wave - Delia Derbyshire in the 60's


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