Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Peter Sellers Tape?

Peter Sellars - A Hard Days Night

Peter Sellars - She Loves You

George Martin produced all of Peter Sellers early LPs and singles and one of the reasons that the Beatles and Martin hit it off so well at their first meeting was that the Fab Four were impressed that he had worked with Sellers and Milligan from the Goon Show.

Here are a couple of recordings of Sellers parodying Beatles classics (again produced by George Martin) which include a Shakespearean reading of 'A Hard Day's Night,' in the manner of the "Winter of our discontent" spech from "Richard III" and it's manic b-side 'She Loves You' inspired by Sellars' character in Dr.Stranglove. This record went Top 20 in the UK charts in the mid-60s and Sellars and The Beatles went on to become close friends. Ringo Starr even co-starred in a flim with Sellers in 1969 called The Magic Christian, the tagline was 'The Magic Christian is: antiestablishmentarian, antibellum, antitrust, antiseptic, antibiotic, antisocial & antipasto.' Sounds good to me...

Visit - Peter Sellers


Anonymous said...

Never mind Magic Christian, everyone should watch Being There. Peter Sellers 'is' Chauncey Gardiner a man with a hollow personality devoid of a soul and left in a vacumn. Remind you of anyone? Poor old hilarious, tragic genious Peter Sellers.
Ringo Hand-Job

TayBridgeDisaster said...

This site has his cover of "Can't Buy Me Love" (in addition to many of the most horrifying songs you'll ever hear).

hillary said...

what's especially awesome about these cuts is how _many_ versions there are of especially the latter. about four, in different accents, on the box set, and more may exist out there.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Cheers guys,
I'd forgotten about April Winchell's site, haven't been there for ages, thanks for reminding me about how wonderful it is... Now Bookmarked!

As for all the other versions, haven't heard the box set, i've only got the Beatles E.P.
Going to have to see if i can get it.

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

i really want to find a copy of peters "a hard days night" and i look on the site you said but i just can't seem to find it.... maybe i am ust a year out of date...