Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Napa State

2 Tribute 1 Rising - Highway Position
Only 300 copies of this 7" came out on the Sur La Plage label last year as part of their series of discovering upcoming Japanese artists. This Tokyo based duo are signed to Nobuyuki Ohashi's (bass player with Cornelious) Stone Sound label and their skewed bedroom productions are pretty extreme but ultimately new and very exciting.

'Highway Position' has a cadaverous quality to it, I imagine it's the sort of the music that the Napa State Mental Hospital inmates made after The Cramps had been to see them.

Visit - Sur La Plage


Anonymous said...

Simply brilliant....
Thanks for this.
Keep it up.


Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Have to agree John.
my favourite track of the week.
cheers Mr. Rumble,
jobs a good 'un.
(or something like that!)