Thursday, July 22, 2004

Another Sound Is Dying

Ta Diddley Quah Quah - Ring The Alarm (Original)

Ta Diddley Quah Quah - Ring The Alarm (Done Fall Down Version)

Spoilt Victorian Child exclusives!

Named after the battle cry from the chorus of the Adam Ant song 'Prince Charming', Ta Diddley Quah Quah lasted all of one hot summer until it all ended in tears. Musical differences were cited for the untimely split but it was more likely down to substance abuse and laziness.

With all the eventual kerfuffle the tracks look like they might not see the light of day so SVC brimming with the milk of human kindness presents 'Ta Diddley's' take on the fantastic 'Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm' and the 'hard-bird' Done Fall Down remix. So enjoy and any comments welcome as usual.

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